Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting My Ducks in a Row

It seems that Baby Mason will be making his debut soon. Although when I think about it, I really shouldn't be too surprised...I mean it has been almost 9 months! Yesterday I had conflicting emotions of elation, fear, and utter denial. I realized it's time to start "getting my ducks in a row" since whether or not I feel ready, I have to be.

So far I'm not really feeling the nesting urge, other than just the general urgency to get things checked off my list only because I'm supposed to do that. But speaking of nesting, here's a fun sewing project that I did for my Baby Showers Hostesses:

I took washcloths and appliqued duckies (from Amy Butler fabrics of course) and blue ric-rac "water", and then wrapped them up with a poof, soap, body scrub, and body wash. Then I tied them with ribbon and the card reads:

"Thank you so much for being my Hostess. Hope you enjoy your SHOWER as much as I did mine."

Cheesetastic I know, but it was a fun way of thanking the 24 hostesses for blessing me with throwing the Baby Showers (last one is this Sunday!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mellow Cello

So I do feel a little guilty that Baby Mason has not been exposed to music in the womb like I'd always planned. Originally when I thought he was a "she", I had decided Baby would be a little Hippie Chick with me and I'd play all types of music with a strong emphasis on the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Marley-all in utero.

Let's just say I must've had preggers brain because it was a goofy idea in first place. Cool idea- yes, but goofy indeed.

But to encourage my own Momma, I can at least say I've picked up my cello a couple of times just to make sure I can still play, and to mellow me out a little in anticipation of Baby Mason's arrival. And I've done my pregger mommy deed and exposed him to Classical already. So now onto the Dead, Led and Bob...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Small Woodland Creature

I finally caught him on film!
Here he is...the little booger. And because of our ridiculously cold weather (yes, even coming from a Preggers), he's quite a bit more active and has futhered his burrowing towards the center of my kitchen eating area. Look how brazen he is to perch upon my deck post...ridunkulous!
Dang you Mr. SWC, I can't obliterate you now that I know how cold it is out there. You're only seeking warmth for survival, just like the rest of us.
I suppose Dadder can screen you out of your nest entrance when he's here for the delivery---and until then, hopefully my home won't catch on fire from any wires or cables you're munching on.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tagging Along

I'm such a procrastinator. I've been tagged a few times and have not been good at responding in kind. My apologies y'all!

So since I've neglected to play tag, I'm posting the last 3 surveys received and I'm tagging James, Betty, Urn, Sylvia & Allison so they can pick their favorite of the 3 below to pass along.

Oh and I think you all deserve a Fabulous Blog Award!

May 2008

(tagged by Jamie)

Maybe I should... open a Cupcake Shop.
I love the smell of... mulled cider.
People would say that I... am demonstrative.
I don’t understand why... God keeps on blessing me, especially when I don't deserve a bit of it.
When I wake up in the morning... Mason's usually kicking me. Ugggghhh, I'm not a morning person and this baby is!
I lost my will power to... eat healthily; darn those cupcakes and Malley's Bordeaux toffees!
Life is wonderful with... a loving family, faithful friends, a supportive church community, and the Baby on the way!
My past made me... who I am today and will help shape decisions I make tomorrow.
I get annoyed when... the small woodland creature (aka Mr. Squirrel) crawls into the small space between my deck and house and his burrowing is amplified by the unique acoustics of the add-on.
Parties are not... always reasons to get drunk, although I believe a lot of people think so.
Dogs are... fun, loyal pets.
Cats are… snooty.
Tomorrow I am going to… be more productive and make it into the gym.
I'm totally terrified of... Mason being ugly/disabled/unaccepted/unhealthy; I suppose natural fears that mothers have with their unborn children.
I wonder why I thought my life would be... set out in a particular traditional progression; especially since nothing about my life has ever been traditional.
Never in my life... did I think I'd be a single mom.
High school was something that... I'm glad is a chapter closed long ago. I definitely identified with Mean Girls.
When I'm nervous... I usually do my best; there's something about performing well under pressure.
Take my advice... trust in God to be God.
Making my bed is… something I used to do every morning, but lately it's once a week.
I'm almost always... late. This is a habit I've really tried to improve, but is mroe difficult since my watch doesn't fit.
I want someone… who is the right person, a godly man who will love me and Mason deeply, and be someone we fall in love with too.


October 2008

7 Random Things About Me (tagged by Erin)

  1. I've never had a cavity...
  2. ...but my eyesight is horrible.
  3. After Buckeye Belle graciously joined me at a Childbirthing Class this past weekend, we both stepped out during the labor video...who wants to hear a pregger crying out in labor, especially when it's imminent for me!
  4. I especially don't like snails and slugs. Ewwwicky!
  5. I rarely have to shave my legs (as in maybe once a quarter), because it's not that noticeable.
  6. I can fall asleep sitting up and even in a room full of people talking.
  7. I talk in my sleep.


January 2009

Five Things I'm Addicted To (tagged by Haley)

  1. Malley's Bordeaux Toffee
  2. Sewing & Crafts- I think it's a nesting trait
  3. Taste of Thailand's Panang Curry Chicken- that sauce is like crack-cocaine
  4. Sleep- I didn't complain too much when my Dr. told me I should rest more
  5. Planning and Getting Things Ready for MASON TINSLEY!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Sweet Life

Wow, this MSN frontpage article definitely grabbed my sweet-toothed attention!

Why don't we have a great Cupcake Eaterie in Birmingham?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sippin' Reminiscin' on Days When I Had a Mustang

Well, I finally took the plunge and traded-in my Mustang for a more family-friendly car.

I've had lots of memories with that little red sportscar. It amazes me how much one can grow attached to an automobile; it is an inanimate object afterall. But there was something about the fact that it was the first car that I purchased on my own, as a symbol of my independence it also represented an iconic all-American classic lifestyle for the single and carefree young professional I was becoming...4 1/2 years ago. *sigh*

But all is not lost... I now have a wonderfully safe and well-made vehicle chock full of nice, useful amenities. And it's not totally a "mommy van" (not that there's anything wrong with those). I had a bit of a hang-up regarding vans though so I prefered to go with a small SUV--- did I mention that I started off driving a Ford Econoline van (8-passengers with plenty of extra room!) when I turned 16? Then I was "upgraded" to the Dodge Caravan which I drove my freshman year of college. I've sworn off the vans while I can help it...

The closest this car gets to being "Mommy" is the DVD entertainment system? I won't get to enjoy it for a while, but hopefully it'll be nice for the Baby once he's old enough to turn around.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So did everyone else have this Google logo banner today or is sneaky enough to cache our cookies and figure out which banner images would appeal to us most? If so, it worked.Awww, these little jungle guys couldn't be more perfect for ringing in my New Year. There's something about having a baby that totally turns me into MUSH!

So for New Year's Eve, I reflected on how different my start of 2008 was from the close. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have had a year of change, of challenges, of growth (literally and figuratively), and to emerge enveloped in love.

2009 certainly holds many more blessings to come!

God is good.
Here's how my New Year's Eve unfolded...
Earlier that afternoon, I had been disappointed as Dear Friend cancelled on me last-minute for our New Year's Eve plans. But then my brother's fiance, Razz-ma-Tazz invited me and my other friend Tay to join them for her best friend's 21st Birthday Celebration/New Year's Eve Dinner. Things always seem to work out =)
The Dinner Table (or part of it at least)
Me, Razz-ma-Tazz & the Birthday Girl
Me & Razz-ma-Tazz
Me & Tay

After dinner, the rest of the group went out on the town, but since they weren't visiting smoke-free establishments, Tay and I went to my house to drink Sparking Grape Juice, eat some Christmas candies, and watch Made of Honor. It was a nice quiet Girl's Night and of course, I fell asleep towards the end, but the New Year rang in regardless!