Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inspiration, Perspiration, Desperation

I'm HOOKED to Pinterest. In fact, I truly struggle with "pinning" things and know that I need to put down my iPhone {with Pinterest app} so I can actually put those inspiration links to good use.

But it's also humorous when the inspiration, while thought-out and considered, may not play out exactly like I had it planned in my head. Case-in-point...
Ha, this still makes me chuckle on the inside:

1) Clearly I think my poor child's head is much larger than it is.
2) Mason had no interest in lying on hard concrete. He just couldn't understand that this was for a photo project. I mean really-where's his imagination?

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The Penter Family said...

this is hilarious!!!

Megan Colyer said...

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Marcheline said...

It's my birthday! You're invited to the party at my blog - cocktail weenies and whiskey sours for all! 8-)

Misty said...

I'm cracking up because I made the same thing for Masyn and I thought her head was huge too :)