Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He's BACK!

Last Fall, I had a pest issue: a Small Woodland Creature had somehow nestled a snuggly home inbetween my outside deck and a connected storage area underneath my house. The biggest annoyance (other than the fact that the stupid booger was probably biting through cables or other dangerous fire-starting wires down there) was that I work from home when I'm not traveling and this happens to be an area about 10 ft away and the burrowing sounds resonated through my office space. It's quite distracting!

I gave Mr. Small Woodland Creature a "by" last year, but I just can't stand for it again. It's my home. I pay the utilities and mortgage here!

Today, as our temperatures have slightly dropped to the ever-chilling high-60s/low-70s (ha!), he's decided to return to his Winter timeshare to prepare it for hibernation. There's no telling what damage he may be causing...not to think what it will be like if he invites his entire family of small woodland creatures.

Sorry bud, you've got to go. And this is just in time for my quarterly pest spray (how convenient!). Let's get rid of the rodent!!!


Emily said...

though this picture is a bit frightening, i feel bad for the little guy!

{Amanda} said...

i have millions of chipmunks in my yard, but at least they just burrow in the ground. this little guy is chewing into my house & i don't really want him dead per se...just relocated to an entirely different home several miles away!
shoo squirrel shoo!

Tesney said...

We have a groundhog in our backyard that has eaten all of my succulents this summer. I hate him. Die, die, die!!!