Monday, August 9, 2010

Love so Desires

Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. ~Song of Songs
I have some incredible news to share...
Scott and I are ENGAGED!
We went to Oklahoma this past weekend to see my parents and he popped the question Saturday morning.
Of course, I had on my PJs, no makeup, and hadn't even brushed my teeth yet...and it was still absolutely PERFECT!
Check out that *BLING*
My parents and sister had already seen the ring and certainly knew of the proposal, but I jumped on the phone to make the round of calls to everyone to share the news.
And then that afternoon we jumped in the pool...I couldn't help but flash my left hand. Even if it was only Scott and BeeBee out there.
Check out my hunky fiance!
And yes, the gratuitous ring flashing...
I've never been more certain of anything else in my life. Scott is the One. Baby M and I are so very blessed to have found him.
I'm excited to share our wedding plans as we prepare for our celebrationS {yep, that's plural} and especially as we prepare for our marriage and family together. I'll try and keep things posted but things may slightly lag {what's new, huh?}.

Madly in love,

Gypsy Soul