Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cereal Killing

After I share this information, no one will ever want to eat at my house again.

This morning after my workout, I decided to eat a bowl of cereal for a change...apparently this is a big change because I haven't had cereal (or at least this particular kind) since 2006. Yes, that's right- the expiration date was over THREE YEARS ago. My salad dressings used to be just as bad but Mom threw them out when she stayed with me after Mason was born. There were some 2005 expiration dates as I recall. Can you tell I'm not a big fan of salads too?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Last week I went down to the Big Easy. I'd never been so I was excited to experience a new place and see about all this hype of NOLA.

But after visiting, I just don't get the city's appeal. I stayed in the historic Garden District (off St. Charles), and it still seemed dirty and unkempt. The French Quarter looked like a lot of the places were no longer opened (don't know if this is a result of Katrina). And I went with a business agenda so I only drove by to see what Bourbon Street looked like; I wouldn't have wanted to visit it alone anyhow. Now grant it, the architecture is pretty cool and the historical sites were attractive, but it'd definitely be a place that I'd only want to visit for 2 or 3 days at a time. I think the neatest areas were the Warehouse/Arts District and of course the Garden District. The French Quarter...well you can take it or leave it. Of course the weather didn't help my opinion of my stay either as it was overcast and groggy...blehhhck!

Sorry to rant on about 'Nawlins for those who love the city. Just wasn't my taste.

After a long trip (yes I drove and only stopped once each way during my 11 hour total trip) it sure was good to see my home state...
...Oh and this guy too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That's the Way The Cookie Crumbles

So December 22, 2009...if only I remember this date. Apparently something good is going to happen.

It's always nice to get a fortune cookie with an actual fortune and not a proverb or "Confucious say..." Mine was with my dinner, but you could try your "luck" out HERE

Another West Upstage in the Southeast

Hope all my Atlanta friends are keeping their heads above water. This is crazy stuff!
And speaking of historical flooding, guess where I'm traveling this week? Stay low Pontchartrain, stay low...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What A Trashy Neighbor

I'm so thankful the HOA "Police" didn't get me. I've actually been fined before and had a nasty letter from a law office regarding Mimosa trees in my yard...funny thing is it wasn't my yard (idiots). So the fines were reneged, but of course no apology for the havoc wreaked.

But this time I actually should have been fined...big time! My yard has been a major eyesore...for several months. It's just been low on the priority list since my pregnancy, since the baby, and especially since being laid-off. But this past weekend I was able to have the lawn mowed and Tuesday my brother surprised me by showing up randomly to clean up the yard beds (which is actually the majority of my yard since the neighborhood is landscaped in a "natural wooded area"). And when I say the yard was a wreck, I hadn't done anything with the yard since right before Thanksgiving last year. Wow, my brother is a sweetheart!

I'm paying the same neighborhood boy who mowed my lawn to pressure wash my driveway, sidewalk, and front stoop. I live on a steep incline and Tuesday I was actually taking the trashcan back to my garage and I fell down the driveway and busted my right palm (thank goodness I didn't have Mason in my arms!).

He's a little more than halfway through- look at the difference it's making!

What a trashy neighbor I've been!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reuse Recycle Redecorate

The sunroom/office furniture issue has been an issue of concern for a while. What to do...which pieces should I keep...do I start from scratch...

Well, I actually listed my furniture on Craigslist a month ago in anticipation of a complete room redo with new furniture and a blank slate. I've had several inquiries and 2 decent offers; however, with security issues (I don't want random strangers walking in my home to look at the furniture), a budget, and practical second thoughts, I've decided to try and restyle my room redo with things I already have rather than go "new."

So yep, I'm attempting something that I don't really care for...SLIPCOVERS.
I hesitate in doing slipcovers because I rarely see them look decent. But my mom pointed out that if I'm going all whites/creams/naturals, then with a baby I most certainly need to look for washable/bleachable/removable.

I also felt better about slipcovers after reading this blog- Life in the Fun Lane. She's done her house in all whites and I felt inspired for this project. I noticed the middle pleat in her slipcovered sofa doesn't quite stay put which just happens naturally with slipcovers. But with the way she styled the room, it's negligible. Since I'm going for a very casual look too, I suppose this will fit the bill...definitely fits the budget. Which by the way I reduced to <$500 for the entire room.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Change of Pace for My Everyday Place

I've been ready to redo my sunroom/office for a long time. My desk, while an incredible piece {see the table on the far left, the top opens and it's a very organized workspace} has a much too small work surface. I also subscribe to the thought that a sunroom's decor should be light and airy. Frankly the crimson, hunter green, and gold decor is much too rich for this particular room -although I loved it when it was in my living room at my old place.
Here are some of my inspiration photos. I'm kind of leaning towards a rustic Swedish style.

I've already bought the desk, rug, and the rocking chair (photo makes it light blue but it's really white).
I've been drawn towards the infamous Ghost Louis chair (top left), but realize it'd be very modern for the rustic room. I'm on the fence still. But the benefit to the chair is that it wouldn't obstruct the windows like the current chair.

And I need help on the sofas! The top is a cream velvet, the middle is a find from Copy Cat Chic, and the bottom one is a more traditional light beige.

It will be a while before the room comes together, but I'm just thankful I have a bigger desk!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

The tough thing about cooking-for-one is that I'm not able to justify letting good food go to waste. So Wednesday night when I baked these 4 lava cakes...I had to gobble them all down...in one sitting. They're not as good if they're not eaten fresh out of the oven.

Some more positive health news: I've been consistently getting to the gym 3-4 times a week. So although I'm still unable to tame my ridiculous cravings, at least I break even with my increased cardio. I'm training for a 5K (....gosh, for a veteran runner that sounds pathetic "training for a 5K"), in 1 month. This will be my first post-partum and the first with Mason in the jogging stroller. I already have our outfits planned, stay tuned for incredible coolness =)

Saturday, October 10th Mason and I ran in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Click HERE for pictures!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fashion Transitions

With a baby in tow and changing seasons, it's time for a fashion change.
I now have complex requirements for anything I wear. My dress/top has to be nursing friendly (read: either buttoned-down, crossover neck, or a top that's easily pulled up without exposing a lot); my jewelry has to be minimal (M likes to pull on necklaces so they have to be sturdy or large enough he can't choke on the beads, and big earrings are a little scary right now); and although I still refuse to give up heels it makes more sense to rock it in flats when possible.
So my compromise:
  • Target bohemian dress with slip (loose-fit and buttons down)
  • Steve Madden boots (a built-in 1-in heel)
  • World Market brass necklace and bracelet (necklace tied in a knot to make it shorter, bracelet became a teething toy later on)

Busy Bees

Well, I haven't posted in FOREVER, but I feel like I've been all over the place physically and now emotionally.

Let's see: Huntsville, Florence, Atlanta, and now Chattanooga this week. Three different states in three weeks. I've had house guests for 2 of the past 3 weekends and the other one we traveled to see my brother & Pink Pimpette's new house. I've also been chasing a newly crawling baby. I'm trying to redecorate my Sunroom/Office (post to come). Started dating again and really like this guy. And by the way, last Saturday my birthmother found me Online and we're corresponding through e-mail.

What can I say? When it rains, it pours.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


After being a single, pregnant mom I gained an entirely new respect and appreciation for the decision my birthmother made to continue with her pregnancy and place me up for adoption. It would have been an extraordinarily heart-wrenching decision to make. And, as she was at the tender age of 15 (she was 16 when I was born), she knew her life was drastically changed forever whatever decisions she made.

I'm so thankful she had a healthy pregnancy. So very fortunate she didn't decide to abort. And even more thankful that she was responsible enough to realize she couldn't take care of a child at that point in her life.

This past Saturday my biological half-brother found me Online and I was connected/reconnected with my birthmother for the first time. I was able to correspond a little via e-mail; although I had house guests and a laundry list of scheduled events/tasks so we were limited on contact.

I was very excited to see current pictures of her and my two half-siblings (a 21-yr-old brother and 19-yr-old sister). My birthmother is GORGEOUS (yay for me!).

Without going into too much detail, but to give some history and background:

  • I was adopted when I was TWO days old. So no, I don't speak another language, nor was I brought up in Laotian tradition/culture.

  • Circa 5th grade, I had a tough time coming to terms with abandonment and rejection issues. There were identity questions which I overcame that school year, but I can still recognize those insecurities resurfacing at different points in life.

  • I do want to add that all five of our clan (me and my adopted siblings) are extremely close and a well-adapted family. And while every family is dysfunctional, ours is blessed in that we are tight and close in communication and openness despite not being biological. So basically, NO we aren't weird/different/odd just because we're adopted.

It is such an amazing thing my birthmother didn't abort me. In the Lao-Buddhist culture, girls often think nothing of aborting an unwanted child. And while I don't know specifics yet, I wouldn't be surprised if her pregnancy was also a result of an unwanted liason (yep, the frightening R), yet another reason to appreciate her decisions.