Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Wear

We've been quite the busy bees lately. Friends, music and drink seem to be the theme as of late...well along with falling in love too, but that's a whole other story.
Jamming on a Sunday Afternoon...
Old Navy tile print skirt; Banana Republic tank; JCrew necklace; JCrew flip flops

Drinks with the Girls...
Forever 21 Dress; Franco Sarto picnic heels; Coach purse

Jamming to the Band...
WalMart dress {$5!!! and yes I did accidentally shrink it in the wash}; Boutique belt; Guess heels; Coach purse

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mad Men

Mad Men's Series Premier is this Sunday. I've been trying to catch up with Season 3 On Demand...and am failing miserably as there's a certain man I've been "mad" about lately myself. Oh and that's absolutely not in the "angry sort of mad" way either! But back to topic...

The show's caveat is that the plot & scene rhythm may be a slower pace than what you'd typically see on a TV miniseries on say ABC or CBS. Patience is a virtue but I think it also stays true to the early 60s time period. One thing I cannot get over is the outstanding costume design...check out their gorgeous fashions!
I'm so glad that vintage is de rigueur!
Also, Banana Republic has Mad Men Style Guides in store...I'm tempted to drop by just to pick one up {shall I subject myself to the shopping temptation?}

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wear

For a Mid-Day Date...
JCrew dress; Kenzie sandals; Private Gallery bracelet
{ignore the feet, but check out the fun shoes!}
For a Hot Rainy Day...
Target dress & wellies
For Sunday Luxe Leisure...
NY&Co dress; Banana Republic necklace; JCrew sandals & necklace-turned-bracelet
For Casual Friday...
Banana Republic top & necklace; Adrienne Vittadini shorts; Michael Kors wedges

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Secret Tuesday- Part Deux

My Super Spy Little Guy and I used this homemade Disguise Kit {via Design Crush HERE} with free download {HERE}.
After cutting out all the pieces and arranging them on a wax paper face, I was vaguely reminded of something else {HERE}
Of course, Baby M pointed out that a "Bond...James Bond" name tag was a little too he took his off.
Apparently the eyebrows weren't a hit either...
But the kid loved his spy magnifying glass...
We're having a fun spy celebration and it didn't cost a thing. We just cut out the free printable & I dragged out my trench coat, magnifying glass, and fedora {plus the Manolos...since I NEVER wear them anymore- every good spy girl has to have a pair!}
Oh and we also made some chocolate moustaches too!
Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday...ours is Top Secret!

Top Secret Tuesday

On Tuesdays we've been trying to make the free kiddie movie at our local movie starts at 10am. Obviously we're missing that today, but I don't think Baby M will mind because I've declared it "Top Secret Tuesday" with all the fun that entails.

I'd tell you more if I could...but then I'd have to kill you. =)

Hope this will suffice for now. More to come later!

Monday, July 19, 2010

When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings, When I'm Feeling Sad...

I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad!

1. Magazine Articles: Sometimes these goofy readings shed light on things I would have otherwise been naive about! While I've not blogged about my dating adventures lately, they still exist and it's been a mixed bag. Such is life!

So after the "dog bite" and the "bee sting" I actually *heart* goofy article reminders of what to avoid in dating and relationships, tell-tale signs of bad dudes, and what types you shouldn't waste your time with.

2. Adventures: Our family used to take an annual whitewater rafting trip. I think the first year we skipped I was preggers, but I've got the "itch" to go thrill seeking again. My brothers and I are even talking about going sky diving. There are plans next month to go tubing...not quite the same, but perhaps it'll satiate my whitewater longing.
{Google Image}

3. Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino...LIGHT: I've found yet another Starbucks crack cocaine, and it's a "take home" from ther grocer too. Danger Danger!

4. Banana Republic Jewelry: They really have a beautiful line of jewels. I don't know how much you can see the above necklace, but my brother Batman gave me this Eclipse necklace for my birthday this year and I love it!
{Banana Republic}

5. Blushed Cheeks: I especially like the flush look after a good workout. I've been a good bit more diligent about getting my running and workouts in lately. And it's nice to have the blushing cheeks...without the help of makeup!
\ {Google Image}

6. Summer Fun List: I got this idea from Whatever...ohhh check out her lovely blog. She's a creatively busy mommy of 5 {like mine!} and she lives a very real life filled with lots of colorful joy. You'll just have to check her out to understand {HERE}
Here's a close-up of our list...

7. Playing in the Rain: While I love my sunshiney days, a warm summer rain also is a welcome invite to go splash in some puddles. We've had lightning the past couple of showers but this is on our Summer List.

{Google Image}

So I'm not sure if you noticed, but I've officially run out of "Favorite Things" lyrics for my titles...there's only 10 lines and I've maxed them all out. But don't you fret- this just means it's time for me to get a little more about a unique title like "My Favorite Things". Original, no? =)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summertime Where the Livin' Is Easy

I'm totally diggin' Summertime!
Bright, sunshiney days = Fun sunny fashions
I feel like I can branch out a little more during the warm seasons...and not just wear my routine jeans or yoga pants of Fall/Winter.
For the Beach Bonfire...
BCBG hoodie sweater; Adrienne Vittadini shorts {yes...way old school, but I still LOVE AV};Michael Kors wedges. {I cut Baby M's hair on Sunday...think it's time for me to get mine cut already?}
Yes, I definitely need a cut but this is just to prove the hoodie coolness =)
For the French Bistro...
Ralph Lauren top; Black House White Market skirt; JCrew sandals
For Lounging...
Private Gallery romper; Boutique cinch belt; Target gladiator sandals

For Shopping of course...
Banana Republic silk tank; Banana Republic necklace; Adriano Goldschmied jeans; Michael Kors wedges; Forever21 bag
WalMart fedora...on clearance! Charming Charlie sunglasses

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ham, Tomatoes, Onions

Confession Time: I used to frequent the Farmer's Market almost every weekend, well if not every weekend. I'd be so proud to pick up local, fresh produce...and then at least 50% would inevitably go bad because I'd forget about it or would be unable to cook during the week. What a waste!

Sad story. True, but sad.

Last night I threw together a couple of homemade pizzas using tomatoes that were about to go bad, the last of my mozzarella, onions, and then sliced up some ham that expires in August. It was a sort of clean-the-pantry meal...but not too shabby!
We enjoyed a tasty pizza meal...
And then I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch- a lovely dessert ending!
The meal was relatively healthy...minus the cookies. But now that I'm on my health-kick and determined to lose 15, I'll be very vigilant about healthy homemade meals.

In similar news, today I'm proud to report that I saved $30 at Publix!

Healthier, cheaper, and less wasteful- Cheers to that!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Losing It

With all of the changes and transitions going on in life, I think it's high time I finally get that buff P90X body I've always wanted! {insert sarcastic smile}

Well, that would be if I knew I could stick with P90X...however, realistically I'm pretty sure I would probably only last a couple of weeks. Soooooo, as a compromise I just want to have a super hot body that will easily fit into my skinny jeans again and it doesn't have to be buff. Fair enough right?
Right before I was preggers, I was the most fit I'd been in years. And even when I was pregnant, I ran the furthest I had ever run at a little over 9 miles {well....that was until this last December when I ran a little more than 10 mi}. But since Baby M, I feel like it's been a particularly tough weight struggle and it took me an official 9 months to get back to my pre-preggers weight...and I've fluctuated up 6 lbs to date {blehck!}.

Two Years Ago: July 2008
But nonetheless, here's the benchmark photo at 9 weeks pregnant {although not showing yet...thankyouverymuch Baby M}
Today, July 2010
And 17 months post-partum {excuse the crazy hair}...
Zoinks- I feel like even my face looks different! *sigh* Maybe I would have changed with 2-years time anyway, but weight-wise I still have 15 lbs I'd love to lose to overcompensate for the other body that's the official goal. I'm posting it and it's high time I actually start kicking my own butt to get to that goal.

Watch out Skinny I come!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Light Touches

I've been wanting to make candle sleeves for some time as my light fixtures have been "nekked" for almost 3 years now!
I printed off a matching black and white chevron/zig-zag pattern.
And then measured the candlesticks so I'd know the size for each sleeve.
I cut out 6 rectangles and then used double-sided tape to make 6 paper cylinders.
Then I began to slip them onto each candlestick {notice the writing on the barren candlestick on the left}
It was a an easy transformation.
And just one of those tiny details that helps finish off the look.
Of course, then I realized my dining room lighting was in dire need of help too.
So I ripped another page from my Botanical Print book {Taschen, the same one used for the prints framed on the wall}. What an easy change!
Cheers to a fun & safe Fourth!