Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Snapshots

Wow-I wouldn't change a thing about our Wedding celebration...and more importantly, we're MARRIED!!!

We had an awesome time at the beach with an incredible beach house {a posh 4-floor house with an elevator}. It ended up being a family vacation too which was a plus.
We had an intimate ceremony on the sand...
And I 'DIY'ed the florals, and the ranunculus were beautiful...
Baby M behaved famously. Once we got to the aisle, my dad was able to hold his hand and he proudly marched to the altar.
Look how excited he was!
My brother officiated, which was really cool and meant a lot to Hubby too.
And we timed everything well, because as soon as the sun was setting, that marked the start of the Reception...
Family, close friends, good food and drink...what more could one want?
And my little boogie boy danced the night away too...

Now I'm a MRS...

Baby M has a DADDY....

Oh and did I mention, we're expecting?

Yeah, it's been a whirlwind over here!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Details, Minor Details

And you know, having my mother as a talented resource, I couldn't let her get away without asking for her crafty talent in the wedding design. She made these 3 signs for the beach (they have fence post stands to stay upright).
This was my inspiration photo, I believe credit goes to Martha Stewart Weddings =)
5 Day Countdown &

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I know I've touted Two Sisters Photography many times before {HERE}, {HERE}, {HERE}, {HERE}, and then most recently {HERE}, but since his is our very last week to be enagaged, I thought I'd share some of my favorites from our last session.
Of course we can hardly wait for our photos this upcoming weekend too!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

From Head to Toe

NO, of course you can't yet see my dress! But I'll still show you some other deets from "head" to "toe"!

It's a beach wedding, so a long veil would be impractical. I opted for a birdcage veil and here are some various inspiration photos {all Googled images}:
And then while I still haven't decided whether I'll go barefoot like everyone else or wear my sandals, I at least wanted the option of having footwear.

I traditionally buy 1 pair every year, although I have to say I've been disappointed that my last 2 have fallen apart. The leather separated on the straps {unglued}, but they're still simple and elegant!Martinez Valero
Lovely & simple with just a hint of sparkle
Calvin Klein - Nadia
May I just say, "Gorgeous!"
Steve Madden
And then these were my actual pick. They have rhinestones which will compliment my dress detail, but they're also casual enough for a beach wedding...oh yeah and did I mention they were on clearance for $17?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wedding Accoutrements

The Boys...
{2 of Scott's best friends- one he's known over a dozen yrs & the other 28+ yrs...he's old i'sn't he?}
The Girls...
{my favoritest sister BeeBee & Pink Pimpette}
The Small Human...
{yeah, Baby M's totally not diggin that bow tie, nor the jacket- we may be stripping down the aisle}
The Smallest Human...
{Pink Pimpette will be carrying Baby S down the aisle}

Sneak Peak: Wedding Design

I've been horribly MIA for some time now, but with good reason...I promise!

In fact, we've been preparing for marriage and the formation of our family, as well as a certain super special day...our WEDDING! Just as a teaser, here's my inspiration board for our upcoming beach wedding. I'll have other posts to follow, but this is basically how I began to tackle figuring things out. Of course, even if this all falls through- no flowers, stained dresses, rainy weather, melting long as we're Mr. & Mrs. at the end of the day, I'd call it a success and the start of a beautiful life journey.