Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Here are some of our Halloween "Happies" around the house.

Banner template found {HERE} I printed the letters on craft paper, glued to cardstock and cut each of them out. Then I made burlap pennant shapes and sewed them onto a black ribbon. I made black tissue streamer "flowers" basically just scrunching the streamer into a circular form and hot glued them to each pennant and topping with the craft cardstock letters. This puppy is durable and will definitely be re-used each year!
Our sidewalk MONSTERS!
And this is another treat for Toddling M's preschool- I'd signed up to bring fruit cups and wanted to do something with the Halloween theme. So simple, right?
And I hosted Supper Club this month {Long Live Supper Club...going 7 years STRONG!} and made these fun pudding cup desserts. I may have drawn an extra dozen of the Frankenstein cups just for fun...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spooky on the Cheap

One of the fun "Crafty Mom" things I get to do is make things for Toddling M's new preschool. What's ironic is that I was making this stuff {holiday crafts} before the Littles, but it was never really cool or appreciated the way it is when you have kids. Funny how homemade is like that!

AND to top it all off, I was able to keep everything down to under $2 per child---so less than ten smackaroos for the whole project. YAY!
I scored some incredible candy deals at Publix all during the month of October for trick-or-treaters--- we're talking $75 worth of candy for about $15 {and about 30% of the candy may or may not have been gobbled by me...I'll never tell}! So naturally with this much candy overload I broke into the stash to use it for our bags.

I made some felt candy covers, bat template found {HERE}
And I'd seen the Ghost S'more packages all over Pinterest, pinned {HERE} so of course I had to put together these cool little packages. Labels were black & white decorative tags from the Jones Design Company and she just re-featured them, {HERE}
Then I added some little glow sticks and made labels from {HERE}
I included some Halloween pencils, little notepads, and stickers from the $1 racks at Target {multiple items per package so I split them up}. The white craft boxes were from Walmart and I just cut out black ghost faces and added some black streamers to make it more "spooky."
When they were all put together, the ghostly little boogers warmed my heart!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

And since I promised to share some of my Pinterest projects, here's a shot of Toddling M's re-vamped room. I spy 8 projects on this wall