Monday, June 1, 2009

How Lilly Translates to Baby Boy

Lilly- pink and green. I really don't dress Palm Beach-style often, but I'd wear Lilly Pulitzer every day if I could... I have some of the more "conservative" Lilly pieces like the Daria coat, navy pinstriped back-pleat skirt, gray pencil trousers, and a white-on-white printed tennis top and skirt (in-case I ever took up tennis seriously...hmmmm).

But then of course I love my brightly colorful Lilly and have a small collection with an alligator shift dress, cabana print tie dress, aqua print skirt, lime green button-down, a few polo-styled shirts, and a couple of Lilly tees.

Anyone want to get us this Mommy & Mason matching set from Lilly Pulitzer? It's only $346...any takers?

They do have adorable sets for moms and "minnies"...again, thankful Mason is a boy otherwise if I didn't go broke from being unemployed, I most certainly would from super-sweet outfits like these!


Erin said...


When I win the lottery, I'll buy you and Mason the matching set! What do you think the odds are of winning the lottery without buying tickets? ;)

The Penter Family said...

I LOVE that!!! Too bad it is WAAAY out of my price range!

Tiffany Norris said...

I'm officially jealous of your wardrobe now. :)

{Amanda} said...

Urn, I must now insist you spend at least 35% of your income on lottery tickets...think that's a sound investment?

And I'm actually surprised I haven't posted about Lilly Pulitzer before now...she's my fave =)