Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Baby Girl- Felt Flower Tutorial

With 10 weeks until Baby Du-kah's due date, it's definitely time for us to start getting things in gear to prepare for her arrival! If I look at the progress I'd made at this point in my first pregnancy, I'm fairly embarassed to say we haven't done much at all for poor Baby D. I suppose it just means it's time for me to get things in order and start actually doing things rather than just planning.

I've seen the infant flower headbands everywhere but last night I started off with trying some felt flowers. I'll have rolled fabric flowers and curled polyester flowers to try next...
Pompom Mums:
Here's a photo tutorial {click on the photo for a larger view}:

  1. All you need is felt, elastic, glue gun/glue stick, scissors, pinking shears
  2. I cut an 11" strip using pinking shears {about 3/4" wide}
  3. Then I used my regular scissors to create a fringe along this strip using the "points" from the pinking shears as my guide for the width
  4. Begin at one end and roll using a thin strip of hot glue to help adhere your roll
  5. This makes an easy peasy Mum!
  6. Now take your elastic and measure {I used this handy guide HERE to determine length}, you could hot glue or for mine I sewed it together for that extra measure
  7. Cut another felt circle for your flower backing and if you're adding "leaves" then cut and assemble now
  8. Turn your flower upside-down, glue your "leaf", then add your elastic headband, finish the headband off now with your last piece of the felt circle.
  9. Et Voila!- A cute and easy felt flower headband!
And for the rosette variations {click HERE for the Purl Bee's pattern}


Brooklyn said...

Amanda- I love! I'm gonna try it. You are so blessed to be having a baby girl. One of each.

{Amanda} said...

You're so sweet Brook =) And YOU can wear the flowers too-definitely not just for babies.