Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I can't rave enough about www.FABRIC.com

They're not paying/compensating me for saying any of this either, but I ordered all our wedding fabrics from them {Design Board HERE} and while 1 of the fabrics had to be back ordered, they promptly sent it to me before the original estimated ship date . They had great customer service and actually both called me directly and followed up through e-mail on the order.
I recently took advantage of one of their frequent sales and snatched up 8 different fabrics that averaged out to be $2 per yard. I also ordered a 9th fabric from the Premier Prints line {isn't that a designer favorite!} for nursery curtains and while I wondered if the very low quantity in-stock might mean it'd be backordered, I went ahead and added it to my cart because it was a fantastic price at $6.98 per yard and it also helped make my shipping & handling free {orders over $35 always ship FREE!}.

Long story short, this was indeed backordered; I had an e-mail asking me to confirm I still wanted the order, they went ahead and sent me 2.5 yards that they had on hand last week and today I received 5.5 yards, the full amount I originally ordered. I don't know if it was a glitch or a good gesture of customer service, but it's nice to have the extra 2.5 yards that was pre-shipped...maybe I'll make something else for Baby Duh-kah.
Here's the curtain fabric:

{and it coordinates perfectly with the pink in her Serena & Lily bedding}

I've been in Nesting Mode lately; last week was my Sewing Binge. Check out some of last week's creations on the Baby Blog {HERE}. I'm starting to get the hang of this!


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Misty said...

i just found you blog and i think we lead parallel lives! I have a daughter named Masyn & her 3rd bday is in 2 wks & its a minnie mouse theme.... Several of your posts are right up my alley!!! I just started blogging again & I love your blog :)