Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to Happy

I'm kind of in a funk.
It happens.

But this time I don't even think I've done a decent job of putting on a smile and trudging forward... It'll get better. It always does. And I'll move on. But for now, I'm still wallowing in my sad state, trying to stop this stupid selfishness so I can return back to joyful.

{image: DeeDee Hampton}

I even have a to-do list to "Get Back to Happy":
  • Cry- it's a healthy release, but sometimes one of the toughest things for me to allow myself to do.
  • Pray- turn to God through the good and bad, I feel like it's the tough times where He's calling me to remember that He's the one I should turn to.
  • Read- Scripture holds a plethora of uplifting encouragements.
  • Talk- it's a good release to share the pain and woes with Mom, friends, family members...heck, maybe even blog about it!
  • Keep Busy- try to remove myself from the hurt. You'd think it'd be automatic with a baby, but there always seems to be unexpected moments when the pain seeps in.
  • Resolve- tomorrow is a new day.
  • Listen- listen to God, listen to your own heart, and maybe even to some good music

I haven't had conclusive evidence, but I sometimes think "good medicine" is music- even if it's the sad kind where you're reminded that you're down {insert the phrase my Mom would use, "Poor Baby"}. For me, music is an incredible release. I think sometimes I'm able to work through feelings just by listening and experiencing the emotions evoked through song. By the way, thanks Sylvia Grace for your Playlist, I've picked up some good new songs {Gardenia & Free Falling} that I've been jamming to this morning.

I'll try to be more cheery...I know I'll get my groove back soon!


Sylvia Grace said...

Love those songs! =)

I've been trying to find my way back to happiness for months now....

I keep telling myself that "This too shall pass".

Tiffany Norris said...

We've all been there, and, yes, "this too shall pass." Hope you get some groove back this weekend!

{Amanda} said...

Thanks y'all!