Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cool Crew

Of course my child takes precedence over my fashionable he should! {I actually dress him better than I dress myself} So I feel very much out of the fashion loop lately. In fact, other than InStyle magazine and what I occasionally see Online, I have no clue what's really "IN" for Fall.

That and the fact that I haven't been able to fit into my pre-preggers clothes until as of late so my main goal with dressing has been function, "what can I fit into right now." But just 3 more lbs to go and I'm back down to my "start weight"- hurrah! My goal is to get 7 lbs under my pre-preggers weight...and that dangling-carrot-incentive is cold clothes shopping. {Woo-hoo!}

So to get me out of Fashion Hibernation, here are some of my inspiration photos from J Crew...lovely findings by the way:

{all images stolen from J.Crew}

I'm totally digging these classics with a modern twist:

  • layers
  • ruffle tops
  • shorts and tights for cool weather {maybe paired with high-heeled booties or oxfords}
  • close-fit, long cardigans
  • bauble necklaces
  • structured bags
  • leather gloves
  • pencil skirts

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