Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ho Ho Ho Green Giant

The Green Giant sells us packaged frozen vegetables, telling us this is a fresh, healthy way to fill our nutritional needs for an often unappreciated food group. General Mills even commercializes the brand in a way to caricaturize an actual vegetable, appealing to both children and mothers alike. The Giant is tall, strong, and healthy because he's eating his fill of veggies...the Green Giant brand. When in reality, it's vegetables that are processed from their original form losing nutritional value for the sake of convenience. It's not that they're entirely bad for you, but Green Giant doesn't necessarily disclose the negative aspect of joining Team Green.
Again, overall the Jolly Green Giant is for good...it's just that FRESH would be best.

I'm convinced that's what the IRS is...a Jolly Green Giant. Overall, their primary purpose is to collect tax payers dollars (our income) and infuse these monies into government spending to pay for things we all commonly use. However, they try to mask under this charade of a good, healthy form but nonetheless they're a green money-grubbing government institution that hides the fact that incomes are taxed in great disparity AND are often wasted through the inefficiencies of our bureaucratic system.

So this year, did you see any GREEN or did the Jolly Giant take you by surprise?

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