Monday, December 14, 2009

When to Go Private

Does anyone else struggle with whether or not to go "Private" with their blog(s)?


Sylvia Grace said...
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Sylvia Grace said...

I struggled with that same problem. I hated to put my blog on private because it's such a hassle to send out those blog invites. And I've since had people I know (that I didn't even know ready my blog) ask for invites. Plus, my family has complained endlessly about it.

But, at the same time, I needed a bit of privacy. I'll go public again in a few months, but until this season passes I want some space.

If you do go private, please send me an invite! I love both of your blogs!

The Farm said...

Yes I have considered it, but then none of my friends are so I am like "they are smart people, they would know if we need to be." :) If you do go private, send me an invite too!

Tiffany Norris said...

I've thought about it, but I'm pretty careful about what I put "out there" in the first place. And part of the fun is finding new random friends who stumble upon your blog. I'm sure having kids gives it a different perspective, though.
Let me go ahead and request an invite as well if you do go into stealth mode. :)

Brooklyn said...

Yes~Mostly because sometimes (even tho I go back and read my blog and don't think I am saying anything too crazy) I just feel too exposed, you know. And you never know is someone is going to read things differently than you meant for it to sound. For me, its moments usually when I am feeling insecure. (And then theres old people in my family and neighborhood that tell me I shouldn't post pictures of my kids bc I will be making them a target). Who knows.