Monday, December 7, 2009

Party Help!

Mason turns 10 months this Friday...which means TWO MONTHS until his big 1-year birthday!

I need ideas, help, suggestions, advice for throwing a party for a baby. I feel pretty good about hosting Showers, Dinner Parties, Open Houses, etc. but haven't a clue when it comes to my little one... I've tried to bookmark when I come across some really cool ideas, but I just realized I've not done anything to plan for it yet and February is just around the corner!
I want to have a really cool blow-out party with a few babies and children invited, but mostly adults {since he's too young for a play party with games and activities}. I've decided to host it inside our house since it'll be cold outside and having a party at another venue would probably be too complicated for a 1st birthday anyway. I'd also like to incorporate mostly homemade decorations because it's cost effective and more meaningful {plus it's fun}. I've already chosen my invitation artiste and cake decorator. But I suppose I need to choose a theme, write out the guest list, prepare a menu, make decorations, create party favors/momentos, etc.

First order, I need to decide on a theme:
  • Bugs {"Bug" is one of his many nicknames}
  • Monkeys {yet another nickname...silly Monkey}
  • Zoo Animals; Farm Animals or maybe even Safari
  • Vintage Cowboy
  • Circus {my 2nd birthday had a clown- yeah, I'd definitely go clownLESS...scary!}
  • Blues & Brown {just a color-theme}
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Big Man Party {with fun accessories like neckties, watches & moustache decor}



We are BLESSED. said...

I got almost all of Mary Ella's party ideas from a site called PolkaDot Birthday... I think it is a blogspot site. You can probably google it. Even though you are not having a polkadot party, they have TONS of ideas for decor, games, etc that you could make into ANY theme. Aw! I can't believe he'll be a year old soon. That is just nuts.

{Amanda} said...

Ohhh way coolness Haley! I really appreciate it- I know it's early to do everything but if I wait until after the first of the year, I know it'll be too rushed with everything else going on.

These babies grow up too fast!