Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Round Up - Cheap & Chic

No, it's not the Moschino line, it's that time again: Blog Round Up! Of course this series is just as sporadic as My Favoite Things postings...but nevertheless.

The good news about a bad economy is that it forces people to reprioritize, live on a tighter budget, and in my opinion become a better steward of money in general. With that being said, here are 3 great blogs with tips on creating stylish living {both fashion and home} without breaking the bank.

Can you be in love with a blog? Because I am. Copy Cat Chic has featured beautiful furniture and accessories that are exact or ridiculously-close-to replicas of higher-end designer pieces. My mother bought this fabulous settee {HERE} a year ago after I shared the post with her and I just recently ordered a fun zig-zag rug for my kitchen area {HERE}. This blog is definitely a bookmarked favorite!

The Broke Socialite is a fun lifestyle blog with everything from fashion to decorating, and even posts on manners. It's full of Southern graces and I get a kick out of seeing what all TBS is up to each week.

The fruGALs are two of my bestest friends. They recently started a great blog with tips and ideas to style your home frugally. There are easy DIY posts and "great finds" posts with information on how to design within a budget.


Haven and Home said...

More to add to my list! Love the rarr picture in the side bar!

{Amanda} said...

Glad you found some new ones- and THANK YOU, my toddler is definitely a MESS! ;)

charm home said...

I've visited The Broke Socialite's blog and love her but I haven't seen the other two. I'll have to check them out. I always love a little DIY. Happy Tuesday! xo, Cristi

{Amanda} said...

Thanks Cristi! I think Copy Cat Chic might be a great place for you re: sourcing home items/furnishings. I'm still amazed at that zig-zag rug...I've been "green" for it for ages but could never find one decently priced!

Happy Tuesday to you too =)