Monday, April 26, 2010

Ziggity Zaggety

Right now I'm digging all things zig-zag. The Chevron Stripe {aka zig-zag stripe} is a perfect combination of whimsy, graphic print, and fun...I'll take it, please!

And yes, I know I need to edit my little office corner, but my Linda & Harriet zig-zag notepad will definitely be a Keeper
{P.S. Those grey and white striped pencils are from the $1 bin @ Michael's, thanks to Haven and Home's post!}
And then I tried to mirror that design in a print {yes, wall editing needed}
Sadly, I had to put up a barrier curtain to block my office from the kitchen view while I'm working and Baby M eats {another midnight sewing project Friday night}, unfortunately it blocks the adjacent kitchen eat-in area...
...and this lovely rug!


Rachel said...

I love the zig zags - especially the rug! How cool is that!!

{Amanda} said...
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{Amanda} said...

Thanks Rachel! I'm in this kind of funky.yet.subtle design kick. Watch out ye who are faint-of-color...

viviZ said...

Hi, Amanda. I came over to your blog (via the Copy Cat Chic Blog) as I was trying to find a way to contact you. I'm about to order the zig zag rug (ummm, can you say awesome find!?!) but thought I'd try to get some feedback from someone who had actually purchased it.

It looks great in your kitchen. What do you think of it? Quality, colors, durability, comfort, etc.?

Thanks, in advance, for any feedback you have! I look forward to checking out your blog in the future as well - it looks like you have some fun and great content! (You've inspired me to try that cardboard castle/playfort!) I'm glad I found you. :-)