Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fit for a King

Everyday items are a landmine for playful imaginations. Remember when you were little and the refrigerator box meant a playhouse or fort?

Well a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to make Baby M a castle out of the plethora of boxes in the garage {I'm not sure if I should admit the pack rat in me that justifies saving boxes for future shipping cartons / projects / moving OR how about the gazillion glass baby food jars that infiltrate my pantry that will one year likely be sent to the recycling bin}. Here were my inspiration photos:

Well last night after 2 hours of cutting, taping and keeping poor Baby M in the itty bitty baby walker {to keep my rambunctious toddler somewhat contained}, I finished the task.

The Cardboard Castle Project
Boxes...where it all started
I first taped the flaps open and then cutout the brick-top design {I'm sure there's a fancy schmancy name for this but I don't know it}
I cut out the windows, adjoining walls, and the castle door. Then I taped the 3 boxes together in a crazy sticky tape fashion. My poor scissors weren't dulled by the cardboard, they were stickified by the tape.
I reinforced weaker areas with extra tape and then took the empty tape roll and flattened one side to make a door handle.
Et Voila

This was a super-easy project and I think would have been completed sooner had I not been watching my ever curious toddler perusing the garage. Oh and PS it was FREE! Well, other than the cost of a new pair of scissors to replace the uber sticky ones =)

His Royal Highness Baby M happily welcomes you to his humble abode!


The Penter Family said...

Great Job! When can I bring Colton over to play in it? :)

{Amanda} said...

Come on ova girl! Finally put to use all those millions of boxes that accrued in the garage AFTER y'all graciously cleaned it out. That's the pack rat in me I suppose!