Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shhh, the Quiet Book

Well, I told myself I was gonna do it {at the end of March}...and today, I finally finished it: Baby M's "My Colors" Quiet Book

I found the tutorial for the Quiet Book {HERE} on the Everyday Celebrations blog and ordered the pre-cut iron-on letters from her Etsy shop {HERE}
I'd recommend, anytime you try out a tutorial, you should probably pay attention to the actual instructions rather than look at the pictures and try to "wing" it. While I didn't necessarily have a disaster, I did orient my pages all flush right...not thinking about how they would be sewn back-to-back. First I gathered all my scrap remnants and organized them rainbow style =) Then I took 6 sheets of white felt a cut them in half {makes 12 pages total}. Then I arranged each of the page layouts before sewing.
I didn't use a ruler, nor did I pin the scraps to the felt so many of the pages are wonky...I like to pretend I meant to do this on purpose. I call it "child-like" creativity.

Then after I realized I shouldn't have oriented every page flush right, I arranged the page order and then sewed the 12 sheets back to make 6 pages back-to-back.
To bind the pages as a book, I used 2 metal brads for each page. The Everyday book has 1 really cool ribbon rainbow poof on the top left of the book, but I decided to go a little less frou-frou and just used 1 ribbon per hole to bind the book.
This was fairly labor-intensive, but likely because Mason was awake for 2/3 of the production. He likes to push the pedal on my sewing machine. It's a good thing I'm quicker at turning the machine off before he reaches it each time!

Here's the inside pages of the book:
Back of the book:
Whew! I'm tired now. Life's been a bit upside-down lately but it's all good! I am slowly catching up on my blog reading & posting {I've missed almost an entire month!}.

Oh and remember the Sweet Baby Treats craft post {HERE and also HERE}, well check out Cristi's {of Charm Home} supercute Baby Cakes {HERE}. And you should definitely check out her blog in its entirety {HERE}, she's a darling Atlanta designer with a penchant for a sort of Southern modern traditional it!
Well Baby M is already asleep, but I can't wait for tomorrow when he can try out his Quiet Book at Church. Let's just see if he actually stays quiet though...


Rachel said...

That's such a cute book! I want one for MY quiet time!

{Amanda} said...

It was fun to make and Mason seemed to like it this morning too! But "quiet time" for mommy? What's that? ;)

Rachel said...

I LOVE that little cute!

Tiffany Norris said...

Aw, I remember my quiet book! You did a great job!

charm home said...

How cute! You are so crafty. Did you sew all that together?!Hopefully you will get your quiet time soon. :o) -Cristi

{Amanda} said...

Thank y'all so much- Cristi, yes I sewed it together. The only part I didn't do was cut out the lettering. That part was purchased from Everyday Celebrations (I don't have one of those fancy cricut machines).

LeAnne said...


Your book looks great! I posted your pictures on my blog:

You did an awesome job!