Friday, December 3, 2010

Nesting Challenge

Alright, alright, alright. I know I've completely slacked on this blog, but it's been with good reason.
To catch you up, in the past couple of months I...
  1. got married
  2. moved me & Baby M into Hubby's house
  3. put both houses on the market & have kept them both "show ready"
  4. held my first yard sale
I posted some pics on Baby M's blog, but today I pre-dated the Wedding details over {HERE}

While we definitely want to sell both homes, my house is a bit larger & very nested already. Our strategy for the move was that one would sell faster & Hubby's almost-empty garden home was in dire need to be staged.

Now here's the challenge I'm starting to tackle after moving into Hubby's house:
With the tiniest of a budget {as in $ZERO if possible}, make this house a home to live-in until it sells AND decorate, but not overdecorate so that it's "show friendly."

I'm almost embarassed to share this, but we currently have no curtains, minimal furniture and decor. There's been some debate with Hubby as to painting the walls; they're in dire need of a new coat, but he says builder's grade and I say warm & friendly. So thus far, they've been left untouched.

For the Christmas season, I've tried to add little sprinkles of holiday decor to warm things up.
Mistletoe in the entryway...
Little vignettes on the shelving...
Tabletop decor...
And who needs curtains if you deck wreaths on the windows? {, we really NEED curtains/window treatments to warm things up}
And then stockings hung by the chimney with care... {thanks to Gigi for Baby M & our pug's stockings in the center}
Nesting To Do List:
  • Paint Walls-arrrrrggggghh, pretty please dearest Hubby?
  • Make curtains
  • Create wall art
  • Headboard for Master Bedroom? {am really loving these temp options HERE}
  • Sew pillows

And then of course, we'll soon have to tackle the bigger challenge of making room for Baby Deuce. Right now the 3rd bedroom/closet is Hubby's necessary workspace.

*SIGH* But I suppose these are the types of challenges that allow our creativity to thrive...

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