Friday, May 8, 2009

Chocolate Cake

I had all sorts of presents, roses, a balloon, and a was the best birthday eva!
Here we are- the three Supper Club Chickies (plus Mason) and in the center is the best chocolate cake in town. The first time we ate of this monstrosity, it took 7 of us to finish it off. This time we barely made a dent; however that meant I got to take it home and I devoured the scrumptious leftovers the next day.


Brook and Meredith said...

where can i find that?

{Amanda} said...

hey Brook! I didn't know you read my blog- I'll add you to my "Thoughtfuls".

we ate at Thai Emerald (off 280 close to 119) Jamie and Bethany can attest it's absolutely heavenly!