Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I love you Momma and hope you have another beautiful Mother's Day!

I still think back on my spiteful, rebellious years and the one Mother's Day weekend my sophomore year of college where I stormed out of the house to return to my campus rental for the weekend. You went to church the next morning devastated; I was a selfish child who didn't think of the consequences and mean-spirited pains I brought you on the day that was supposed to be a celebration of you and motherhood.

But you loved me unconditionally.

You've always loved me unconditionally...

We've laughed and talked about those things, those wicked, hurtful things I did growing up and I still feel remorse when I think of my actions, but one thing that hasn't changed is your love for me. How you pray for me every day, often multiple times in a day. You've prayed for me before my birth and God blessed you with your first Mother's Day 28 years ago.

I love you Momma. And this Mother's Day is my first one to celebrate, realizing now the joys of being a mother and also knowing that there will be future pains that will intersperse with the happiness. But for all that motherhood brings me, I am so fortunate to have had such a wonderful example in you. So fortunate to have had a loving Mom whose wisdom, compassion, and inner joy has been passed on to me.

It is amazing to me how life changes when you have a child and I only have a glimpse of what being a mother is and is to be.

Momma, may you have a wonderful celebration today- I love you deeply and forever.
Thank You!

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Sylvia Grace said...

They say you never realize how much your mother is worth until you have children of your own.

This post is a great example!