Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Followed the Recipe

But for some reason my Salisbury Steak patties fell apart. Thankfully when I was packaging the meals for the freezer, I compacted the meat in the containers and then poured the sauce on top so it didn't make much of a difference.

I highly recommend Sandra Lee's Salisbury Steak recipe...even if your patties don't stick!


We are BLESSED. said...

Hey - what are your favorite meals that freeze well? I am going to start making some on the weekends to eat for lunch during the week. Do you just put them in that Gladware and then reheat in your microwave or what? Everything looks so yummy!

{Amanda} said...

alright girl, we need to do a swap because I'm loving your applique designs =)

good freezer meals:
-Mexican Chicken
-Poppyseed Chicken
-Salisbury Steak
-Tuscan Pasta with Basil Cream Sauce
-Chicken Divan
-Baked Barbeque Chicken

casseroles and most pastas typically freeze really well (with the exception of the Tuna Casserole) and if you have anything crunchy (like pecan crusted chicken, or crunchy chicken) then they're best eaten freshly made...common sense probably but I froze them anyway and learned the hard way.

after I cook them, I allow it to cool down, then I package them in the Gladware/Tupperware, label them, and then freeze them. then usually the day before, I'll decide what I want to eat the next day and I'll take my meals out and put them in the fridge OR I might decide that morning and leave it out on the counter to thaw. and I always put them in a glass bowl or plate and reheat in the microwave...nothing fancy.

I'm sure you've got lots of good recipes that would work for freezer meals, I'll have to go back on your blog and "steal" some =)

We are BLESSED. said...

I will just use Mason as a sample guinea pig... any particular design you are dying to have? Because I need to make some more stuff to put on my new website... I can do froggies, monkeys, giraffes, lions, tigers, doggies, whatever you want!