Monday, January 10, 2011

Preppy Art

I have to admit I've been intimidated to tackle even the simplest of art. But today when Mason went down for his nap, I went for it!
My Mom, the "artiste extradordinaire" always sketches out her ideas and even determines patterns and her color palette on paper first. Smart woman!
I taped off parts of my design and then mixed my colors. I'm proud to share that I made an exact match to the blue in the bathroom. I wanted to replicate the paint color for a cohesive look.

I chose to go with 3 colors total since the design was simple and I wanted an elementary-feel to the art. Here's an in-progress view...
And now here they are on the walls... {our Skip Hop whale spout cover was the inspiration for my first canvas}

Et Voila!

I like how when the door is open, you can see both canvases with the mirror. I have some ideas with changing out the shower curtain and towels, but the look works for now and I'm fairly pleased with the $8 change {oh yeah, the 2 canvases are in a value pack for $8 at Hobby's the regular price for the 2!}


Erin said...

Cute, cute! I would say you inherited your Mom's artist gene, but... maybe it's contagious. Airborne, perhaps? ;)

{Amanda} said...

Awww, thanks so much Urn...I called my sweet Mom about an hour ago and apparently I've inspired her to DIY her own bathroom art {a more sophisticated style of course!}