Wednesday, October 15, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday...

I miss her so much- the months before she moved away, she would come over to my house for the weekend, almost every weekend. And we'd usually go have girl dinners and then get into crazy stuff like make Pimp Cups and Brownie Delights at 2am. I love you girl!
Actually yesterday was Pink Pimpette's Birthday...

But I couldn't post yesterday, because I wanted to share how fun it was putting her Birthday Package together. She's a working newlywed, but also interested in learning homemaking skills and I'm so excited for her (we're going to have another little Martha Stewart on our hands!). And she lives several states away now, so I had to do something mailable for her gift.

So for her birthday, I put together a Kitchen kit with a color scheme centered around an Anthropologie apron (rolled up in the brown ribbon on the right): brown, robin's egg blue, and a light sage green. The soft towel, whisk, and wooden spoon set were wrapped in coordinating ribbons as well as personalized recipe cards (you can't tell much in the photo but there's a faint vintagey print in the card background). It was fun to group everything together and I think 5 different ribbons were used in the making (yea for ribbons!). The birthday card was also handmade to match with vintage print backgrounds (one was a light brown damask and the other a small tile print in the robin's egg blue)
And this became the inspiration for Baby Mason's room.

Happy Birthday wishes to you Pink Pimpette!


Tiffany Norris said...

OK, I think you should write a book...especially for us hopelessly non-creative/decorative types. Martha Stewart has nothing on you. :)

{Amanda} said...

haha! well, "originality is only when you forget to cite the source"

i gather ideas and pictures to help me figure out what would work & look good together =) thank you so much tiff!