Thursday, October 23, 2008

Waddle Waddle

My heart aches a little bit.

I really wanted to run a local race- the Vulcan Run 10k (6.2 mi) this November and then the Mercedes Half-Marathon (13.1 mi) in February 2009.
The 2008 Running Resolution had me in the best running shape I've ever been. And then of course I ran the furthest in my life while in the early stages of my pregnancy {9 mi @ 10 wks preggers}.

But alas, that "To Do" will have to be delayed. My joints are beginning to feel the burden of my belly weight; there's no way I'd make it through a 10k at 24 weeks pregnant and I'll be due right around the Half-Marathon.

And Tuesday I asked Speedy what my running stance looks like now compared to before...

As he silently replied by holding an imaginary beachball tummy, puffing out his cheeks, and waddling like a duck, let's just say I wasn't happy at all with his response.

Mea culpa for asking.

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