Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend at the lake.

Pink Pimpette's dad invited a crowd to stay at his lake house for the Holiday and we had a blast.

The lake was phenomenal...I've been to at least 5 other state lakes I can think of and this one was the best by far. It's expansive but not overcrowded or overdeveloped, there's a lovely State Park and Resort, and a plethora of restaurants accessible by boat and by land. I'm convinced it'd be where I'd like for my lakehouse to be!
This is the lake on the Fourth...seriously it was wonderful waters.

Which made for great skiing...And although I wasn't able to stay up on the water skiis for more than a couple of seconds, here's Pink Pimpette's brother who was a pro (as well as her dad)
But in our large party crowd, guess who was the center of attention?

Baby M with his uncle

And then the uncle who fell asleep wearing Pink Pimpette's sun hat.
Friends on the house boat
Pink Pimpette and Baby M
And then Uncle J who was so proud to drive the other ski boat.
I think Baby M found a new buddy!
Sunday was rainy and we went to church and then to lunch at a place in "egypt" named The Squirrel's Nest. Try and find it. I dare you. It's impossible!
It's decorated with an eclectic mix of junk treasures.
And even had a welcome sign for the fam...
Overall, we had a wonderful Fourth and were very thankful for the blessing of freedom and living in the States!


Tiffany Norris said...

Mason looks so much like you in that first picture! Glad y'all had a fun Fourth!

{Amanda} said...

Thanks Tiff! He really is a "mini me" =)