Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's a Holiday?

Happy Bastille Day!

It's mere coincidence that Pink Pimpette and I lunched at Chez Fonfon for Bastille Day. What's even funnier is that late last night when I couldn't sleep, I began singing songs and speaking in broken French to Baby M having decided that I'd like him to be bilingual and since I don't know Spanish and only a few select Italian words then French it is.

Today after a scrumptious Croque Madame & Croque Monsieur served with pommes frites, Mary with a l'eau (water) and me with a lovely Vouvray, we ended the magnificent meal with a chocolate pot de crème. We must have been très folle as we each ordered our own entree & dessert and could have split our entire meal in two...at least we have leftovers. Guess what I'm eating for dinner?

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