Sunday, July 5, 2009

How To Lose Those Last 10 LBs

How To Lose Those Last 10 Lbs

Want to shed the last 10? It’s simple and easy. You should:

  • Resolve that running once a week is enough exercise to cover the other 6 days.
  • On the 1 day you run, determine that since the temperature has risen and you sweat more, that you don’t truly have to actually run the entire 3.1 miles since sweating burns more calories while you walk than if you were to run in the cold.
  • Eat more now than when you were preggers. Your meals should consist of a balanced dose of sugar, fat, and carbs.
  • Oh and don’t even worry that you’ve dehydrated your body with only 3 glasses of water a day because your attentions are so focused on watching your small infant child that you can’t take a break to get some H2O much less take a trip to the lavatory (TMI…sorry). Water only adds LBs any way right?

    I lied. I have a love-hate relationship with weight loss. I love losing weight, but I hate what it takes to get there. Oh and darn you Wal-Mart with your product bundling ads and even more tempting snack shelves. I don’t even really care much for marshmallows, but you strategically place those jet-puffed clouds next to the honey grahams and melty Hershey’s chocolate bars…it’s just way too tempting. And somehow I justify that I picked up the low-fat graham crackers so that makes everything okay…

    I’m not trying too hard. I’m secretly hoping that if I continue to nurse, that I won’t have to ever change my ridiculous eating/exercise habits and that way I’ll eventually be under my pre-preg weight…in 5 years that is. Think that’d mess my son up if I kept nursing him until grade school?


The Penter Family said...

you are funny! i lost the most weight around the 7th month of nursing. maybe that will be what happens to you!

Brook and Meredith said...

those last 10 are your friend. welcome them for the long haul girl!