Monday, July 6, 2009

Have You Heard The Word?

Welcome to ALICE...she's been the new gal on the block, moved-in about 2 weeks ago...and she's a great neighbor!

offers convenient Online shopping services for household essentials (bath tissue, shampoo, trash bags, etc). So the mundane chore of Wal-Mart shopping has now become something you can do from the convenience of your home. All orders ship free- the only "catch" is you have to order at least 6 items. You save with automatically applied coupons, and reduced Internet taxes; my order had 8% tax. It's nice to comparison shop from your computer- it eliminates your waste of fuel ,(do your part for the Earth AND your wallet) and saves a great deal of time (just a few clicks).
The other helpful piece is that Alice comes with a Budgeting Tool and an Advanced Planning tab that helps remind you of when you might need to reorder your household items. You can also calculate your average monthly/yearly spend, see a room-by-room spend pie graph, and can keep track of coupons.

I'm certain that not all of the items are cheaper on this site, but since I was looking for baby items, I personally found the Luvs diapers were the same price as the pack at Sam's Club (of course 1% less if you factor in taxes), and the A+D ointment was cheaper than at Wal-Mart. I did find they actually charged a tax on postage stamps unless you're doing it for convenience, you can save $0.70 per book by just going to the store or a USPS office.

Thought I'd pass along hope she helps some others out there too!

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The Penter Family said...

this sounds great! as soon as colton goes to sleep, i'll take a closer look!