Sunday, August 2, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Tay and I had a Girl's Night Out the Friday before last (yes I've been horrible lately with posting, albeit work travels have me away from home so blogging gets moved to the bottom of the list...*gasp*). It was my first time going out without Baby M (besides business travels) since his birth. Yep, 5.5 months and I definitely still whipped out my Crackberry to show him off all night (shamless new Mommy).

Our night commenced with dinner at Bottega...yummy! After our meal, we ventured over to Steel Urban Lounge, formerly the "U" aka 1st and 23rd. We met a couple of random strangers there but one group was particularly nice and we ended up all dancing at Nana Funks to close out the night.

Wanna guess what time this Mommy got home? THREE A.M.! Yeah, I felt like a Rockstar =)

Here's Tay & I. Notice the strategically placed "black bar"...apparently a breastfeeding mother should be more aware of the nursing schedule and her ill-fitting attire while going out on the town. What was originally a somewhat conservative, knee-length shirt dress ended up quite revealing in the torso-area sometime around 3am.
Recognize the shoes?
Just for the record, Baby M stayed at Nanny C's all night (this was a gift from her) and believe it or not Tay and I only had 1 drink all night-a margarita sipped over the course of 3 hours at Steel. Although I am happy to say that there were two different guys who offered to buy us both drinks...haven't had that happen in a while.

All in all, it was just nice to get out...even though I still missed Baby M!
Here's Tay, me, and our random friend (he was a gentleman to walk us to the car for safety AND he took the only decent pictures of the night).
This is what happens when we try to take the photos ourselves.

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