Saturday, August 15, 2009

To All Your Wishes

Jamie Michele's Birthday is today. And because it's your special day- cheers to all your wishes, to all your hopes, to all your dreams- may your blessings abound!
I dug this pic up from last year at Chez FonFon (since I know how much you love old photos). Happy Birthday!

And we did actually celebrate Thursday night, although I was remiss in taking an actual group photograph (sorry James!). I did snag one of Jamie's hubby and Baby M. Of course we all know Jamie's a baby pro, but apparently Ben is too. Mason was terribly fussy all during dinner, I found out later that it's due to his first cold...poor guy. But despite Mason's ickiness, Ben was able to calm him down AND get him to sleep. Sweet boys!

Hope your birthday is fantabulous Jamie Michele!

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:The Grizzles: said...

Thank you so birthday is winding down and it has been a great day. Reading this blog was a great way to end it. I love you!