Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wait on the Weight

It's been 6 months post partum...and I'm still holding on to 10 LBs. A year ago, my goal was to have off all the baby weight and be back in tip-top shape by the time Mason turned 6 months Muwahahaha yeah right!
Here I am 9 weeks preggers (not showing any belly or weight gain yet) July 2008:
Yes, I have a ways to go. This is today, 13 months later with still-fading stretch marks, a tummy that needs some more toning, and thighs that need major slimming. I promise I didn't distort the picture, my left leg was just in an odd position. This and I don't even want to talk about the elasticity of my tummy skin below my belt line. HELP!
I'm actually only running 1-1.5 miles a couple of times a week. I've added weight training to tone and some major ab exercises (hey at least it's twice a week and not just once!). I definitely won't be wearing a bikini anytime soon.


Sylvia Grace said...

You looked great then... and you still look great now! I've slacked on my running a bit this summer... but I'm sooooo ready to start back in two weeks (once school starts back and I get back into a routine).

Okay- I'm game for the Breast Cancer race in Oct/Nov.... I need to get the dates etc... so I can register.

{Amanda} said...

Yay! Saturday October 10th! And thank goodness it's returned to Linn Park (downtown Birmingham)

I'll message you on FB too =)

Sylvia Grace said...

Thanks for the link. I definitely want to give it a shot. I'm a bit nervous though as this will be my first= but I've been training since January so I hope I can make it! haha