Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blog Round Up - Chic Mommy

When I became a Mum, things like fashion and style were moved to the backburner...but in 9 short months, I've learned they don't have to be! It's a delicate balance but you don't have to lose your own identity in taking on the new role of being a Mommy.

This Blog Round Up is a list of blogging Mommies that have helped inspire me to "keep the pretty" all whilst tackling the job of Mommyhood.

Full House is a stylish {and gorgeously modelesque} mother of twins AND triplets blogs about home decor, Anthropologie-inspired DIYs, fashion, and life. She lives a lovely, busy, colorful life...and makes it appear effortless!

Rustic, shabby chic, and all-white decor covers Life in the Fun Lane. A mom of an infant blogs about her furniture refurbs, decorating with white, and DIY projects on a budget. Chic and cheap!

Swish and Swanky is a playful blog with colorful ideas for interior decorating. Recently there's been a series of posts on bright, fun nurseries and children's rooms.

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