Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inside Out Upside Down

This is another belly post.

It's been 9 months post partum, so here's the jogging pose. I fluctuate somewhere between 3-4 lbs above my pre-preggers weight. I keep saying I need to start watching what I eat (easier said than done). But there's something motivating about checking my 3-month's kind of like posting a Report Card. Here's my 3 months post partum pic:
And my 6 months preggers pic- NO, I wasn't going to rehash the frightening 9 month photo (although I still find it hilariously scary-gotta have a sense of humor):
And then my 9 weeks pregger pic where I hadn't yet gained any baby weight *sigh*:
The furthest I've run post partum is just over 6 miles; still haven't made it back up to my 9 mile mark. But I'm now running about 4-5 times a week, I've dropped the weight training (due to time restraints, I'd rather up my cardio), and I'm still eating like a pig *oink*.

Fitness "To Do" List:

□ Run 4 miles three to four times a week
□ Run 6-8 miles once a week
□ Add daily abdominal exercises (maybe even break out that exercise ball at home!)
□ Eat smaller, sensible meals
□ If the last few lbs don't start to come off in 3 weeks, I forsee a DIET in my future blehhhhhck!


The Farm said...

Awesome job Amanda! I believe I could still lose about 5 lbs and I have a ton of toning to do. I might have to use the jogging stroller for what it was meant for...jogging. :)

{Amanda} said...

Girl, you're super sweet! BTW you are skinnnnnn--nnny so I don't know where you get that 5lb goal...

Toning is the toughest part I think. I am still having to come to terms that my body will never be the same =(

I'm going to message you on FB because we should take our jogging strollers out at Veteran's Park one day. Even if you don't jog, it's a good trek on the trails.

Keith's Bride said...

Wow, you did great! You look great as well! I wish I had the motivation you have!