Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks

Yeah, I'd definitely like to renege my Grinchy attitude earlier in the week. What a blessing Thanksgiving Day turned out to be!

We went out of town to Pink Pimpette & Brother's for the rest of the week. Their driveway looked like a car lot indeed (9 total). There were 2 other cars not pictured too!

Pink Pimpette had a beautiful Thanksgiving table set.

It was great to have family all together in one place...FINALLY!

Ash & Me
BeeBee & Twin
PP's brother & his girlfriend

My task was to make the green bean casserole. It was my tiny contribution to the overwhelming feast. Sad thing is I forgot to bring the ingredients...thanks Mom!
Someone's in the Kitchen... Well we missed BeeBee, but here are the other Smith Girls {and Baby Sophie in PP's belly}. Oh and if you're feeling a little deja vu coming on, Pink Pimpette & I both wore the same dresses this year as we did last- only she's preggers this year and I'm not!

All in preparation for the feast!
We have much to be thankful for! This little one was great all during dinner...

Because he was out like a light!

I love Thanksgiving!

Thank God for His blessings ...despite my reluctance to fully accept them sometimes. What was I thinking?!?

I think it's interesting how our nation takes a single day out of the year to celebrate being thankful- with whatever belief system you have. The last Thursday of November, everyone feels compelled to stop and count their blessings, show their gratitude, and take time to call/visit/text message/write on Facebook about what a great day it is. While it's a wonderful excuse to spend time with loved ones and take the day off {!}, I know one of my Thanksgiving Resolutions {can I make those?} is to make sure to show my thanks throughout the year. And to take action with my gratitude.

First order of business: get rid of the Grinch!

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