Monday, February 15, 2010

Dollars and SENSE

Who doesn't want to save $?

I've had a blast planning Mason's 1st Birthday Party, really enjoying the homemade details. It's helped me tremendously on the budget side and I've had a blast on the crafting side. Here are some of my inspiration photos and a sneak peek at the works in progress.

I mentioned the cupcake wrappers {HERE}. They're listed on Etsy for $6 for a dozen.
{Cost: $0.50 each}
I found an Online pattern and with scrapbook paper I've had on hand for years, I made my own.
{Cost: FREE}
And since Mason will be wearing a smocked birthday outfit {that's not too emasculating...I think}, I decided he needed a little man bib like this.
{Cost: $10}
So with scraps of fabric on hand, I bought a 10-pack of plain terry cloth bibs for $10 and made him one myself.
{Cost: $1 each}
And then of course I knew I just had to have chocolate moustaches just like the Mr. Man Party featured {HERE}. I found them on Etsy ranging from $1.33 to $4 each. But since I wanted at least 30, I wasn't about to spend $40-$120 just for a novelty item!
{Cost: $1.33 - $4 each... $40 - $120 total!!!}
Here's a glimpse of my newfound madness...chocolate candy molds! I bought 3 bags of chocolate wafers at $4 each {$12 total} and purchased 4 different molds at around $2-3 each {let's say $12 total} from Candyland Crafts. I decided to extend the madness and in addition to the chocolate moustaches, there's some neckties and bowties thrown in the mix since the process is super easy.
{Cost: $24 for 32 moustaches, 9 necktie lollipops, 27 bowtie chocolate candies!}

Oh and remember my lament that I didn't think I had time to tackle handmade bowties? Well I found them on Etsy {HERE}

{Cost: $7 each}

But then I discovered another great Online tutorial {HERE}; and although I've only made 14, it was under $8 for the ribbons and then I just used simple needle and thread. Depending on how this week goes, I may or may not try and tackle some more {I'm not exactly efficient at hand-stitching...even if it's easy peasey}
{Cost: about $0.50 each}
And then of course, there's the obligatory Birthday Hat!
{Cost: $10 and up}
But there's no reason I couldn't make my own. AND add the personal touches so it'd coordinate with the colors and "Little Man" theme. Here's my take on it with materials I already had on-hand minus the pompom, and trim that I purchased.
{Cost: less than $3}
And what about that Birthday Banner? Well to have one custom-made, they're all over Etsy from anywhere from $15-$40.
{Cost: $40}

{Cost: $40}

{Cost: $15}

AND, I even purchased a clearance pennant banner half a year ago with Mason's birthday in mind- it was only $5 & the fabric banner is super long too...originally designed for room decor.
But I decided that I might actually use the fabric banner for his room eventually and made a paper banner for his birthday in-case I decide to change the colors up each year {rather than have his birthday banner fixed}. So with the same paper used for the cupcake wrappers and birthday hat, I made a personalized banner for the party...and only purchased the stickers at $2.50 and raffia at $1.
{Cost: $3.50}


McKinney Madness said...

I am AMAZED at your creativity! I wish I had the knack to do things like that, especially if it saves money. I may have to come to you for guidance one of these days... : )

Jamie Grizzle said...

Everything looks so good! I can't wait till the party!

{Amanda} said...

It's been so much fun putting everything together- thank y'all! Oh and Cortney, I'd definitely love to help =) I've gone overboard this time, but I figure it's his 1st birthday so it's merited.

The Farm said...

Amanda - Everything looks so precious! You really make me jealous knowing how to do all that. I know it might be simple but I see it as a mountain. ha! Can't wait to see pictures of the finished product!

Tiffany Norris said...

Love it! And a good reminder to be crafty! Happy birthday to Mason!