Thursday, February 11, 2010

You've Come A Long Way Baby

One year ago today, we welcomed sweet Mason Tinsley into the world. He's the love of my life, a daily joy, and I'm forever thankful that God has entrusted me with this precious being.
I'm still not ready to call him anything other than my "Baby." But I suppose that will never change!

His big Birthday party will be in a couple of a weekends {procrastinating Mommy & perhaps a Mommy in denial of her child growing up!}. But we still get this day to celebrate today too; it's his first birthday anyhow!

While I'd originally planned for him to wear this birthday shirt on the day, it just ain't gonna fit. My little guy is getting big {and well, Gerber onesies run a size small}. So here are some photos of the silly concoction I sewed, just for kicks:
Mr. Big Man
His Birthday Pennant Banner
Destruction of the Birthday Blocks
{topmost pic is the Before photo}
He's no longer an infant **sniff sniff**. He's progressing and developing so quickly-this year has flown by! And while it's a little tough for me to admit he's growing up, I know Mason's excited for this milestone day...because today he gets his first taste of SUGAR!



The Farm said...

Happy Birthday sweet Mason! Sorry I am a few days late. You are an adorable little boy that is so lucky to have Amanda as your mom.

{Amanda} said...

thanks so much Allison! those are sweet kind words =) I appreciate them!!!