Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's The Little Things

Yes, it's indeed the little things that add that oomph to life!

I had a blast putting Baby M's "Little Man" Birthday Party together...what's even more hilarious is that I was still putting the finishing touches on little things, in my PAJAMAS, when the first 3 guests arrived. Oops!
And while I paid careful attention to the little details, it's a good thing that the big things also tend to work themselves out too.

Here's a brief photo tour of the event.

{note: I didn't personally take these photos as I resolved to enjoy the party after the preparation madness the few hours prior...my philosophy this go 'round is "first-hand memories trump prettier pictures" I don't regret it one bit!}

Dining Room: simple entry with "M" letter and pretty flowers {even though it was a MAN party} Originally I was going to place photos of Baby M for each month of his first year...ummm, that was definitely a little detail forgotten. Oops!
Living Room: tie banner decked across the mantel. I tied men's neckties together and draped them in banner form {using packing tape to secure to the mantel and safety pins to "pretty-up" and secure the tie tails} and then used clothespins to attach large "1"s.
Kitchen: buffet banner. This was the simple birthday banner {HERE} hung on a painted covered canvas. I had an old art canvas that I covered in craft paper and then painted "tie stripes" in the themed colors.
Delicious Necktie Cake: a delectably moist fondant vanilla cake. Baked and decorated by the same talented bakers who did my Baby Shower cake {HERE}
Dessert Table: The cake was front and center of course, but flanked by cheesecake samplers, brownie bites, and then I used 2 of the Mason jars on either side of the banner and inserted some of the candy neckties and moustaches {homemade} as decoration.
Food Table: This was the only photo I have of the food, but it was all delicious {if I may say so myself!}. I had many compliments and several recipe requests. I had assorted pinwheel sandwiches, chicken salad finger sandwiches {each with half dipped in mayo and then pecan crumbles...pretty!}, bruschetta, spinach dip {HERE} and blue corn chips, petite quiches, baked Brie {personal recipe will be shared}, cream puffs and cupcakes.
Cupcake Wrappers: And here's a close-up of the homemade wrappers put to use {I actually took this photo post-party while cleaning up}
Party Favors: Included in each bag was a necktie napkin {HERE}, homemade chocolate moustache-on-a-stick {candy molds HERE}, homemade ribbon bowtie, and chocolates.
I also included a Birthday Moustache Note with moustache cut-outs. I simply found some cool graphics and then created the personalized format in PowerPoint.
And a cute graphic print with famous moustaches. Both found {HERE}
Here's the ribbon bowtie favor modeled by a party guest.
Each of the younger guests received a necktie bib too. Baby Madi got a pink one with a pink bow sewn on the closure.
Here are the kiddos sporting their bibs.
I made Baby M a 3-tiered smash cake.
Here's his birthday hat and personalized plate.
It's the first children's party, so I learned a lot from the event:
  1. Hakuna Matata- No worries! The purpose of a party {especially a children's party} is to celebrate so don't let preparations stress you out or feel pressured to have things perfect.
  2. Hire a professional photographer- If you can afford it, I think it'd be great to capture the moments. Also, this way you don't make a family member or friend become your photog volunteer {because then they miss out on the celebration}.
  3. Check over your "TO DO" List a few times- I forgot some of the little things; albeit the party was still great in a big way. Some things I forgot: month-by-month photos for display in the dining room; put on the party music {I'd chosen a swanky Louis Armstrong music mix}; and fill up balloons before the party {thankfully Nanny C and her family were kind enough to tackle this task as soon as they arrive!}.

I'll have party recipes to come...I think I'm ready to throw another party soon!

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