Friday, August 29, 2008

Somewhere In There... a little bit of Martha Stewart...I hope. Here's a breakdown of my paltry attempts this week:


Every Monday night our Small Group meets at my house and I thought I'd actually make dessert for a change (us singles are notorious for picking up brownies/cookies/cake at Publix on the way over). These little guys were easy enough to make (took 17 minutes) and there's something so fun about colorful sprinkles.


Earlier this week we were plagued by the looming of Hurricane Fay. During nasty rainy days, soup and cornbread always seems like a good go-to comfort meal. So I cooked some creamy potato soup (from a mix) and cornbread and then just dunked one of those muffin-suckers in my soup to soak up the warm goodness of my comfort soup. And although both were from a box, at least I cooked something NOT in the microwave.


A local church held a fresh produce market and I was able to pick up some sweet potatoes, fresh peaches (YUM!), and blackberry jam. After that, I felt very domestic =)


Last night we had Supper Club at my house. and I cooked again. This time from an actual recipe. Giada's Spaghetti with Lemon, Basil and Salmon was quite yummy and I substituted the whole-wheat pasta for spinach pasta...just as healthy and a creamier base.


Beginning tonight, I plan to take it easy. I have no exciting plans for the weekend other than making a list of random house items to find (still in search mode for my kitchen chalkboard) and delving into some crafts which may or may not include me breaking out that sewing machine that I've never touched (thanks again Momma for sewing my pillows!). That's quite!


Tiffany Norris said...

OK, now I'm officially hungry!

{Amanda} said...

i know...i got hungry when i was writing it =)