Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Warm It Up...Keep It Goin'

By the way, if you're a runner OR walker and don't know about iPod's Nike Plus, it's an incredible set-up. I have a chip that I put in my left shoe (completely undetectable while running) and a chip inserted in the USB part of my iPod...and then I just GO.

It graphs my workout progress, distance, splits, and calories burned. And it keeps track of my best overall time/splits/distance; compares my runs individually or by week/month. It's a motivator and a coach. Yes, can you tell? I fell head over heels for my iPod Nike Plus program.

Tesney's blog on her iPod Running Playlist inspired me to post my Playlist as well. It's always fun to share...and steal these things. Hope you don't mind Tes!

I don't have a set order to my songs; I put it on random for my NikePlus workout program and my iPod Power Song (the one that you select when you need to Keep it Goin') is Calabria. Here's a list of my top 20 favorite running songs:

  1. Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
  2. The Distance- Cake
  3. One More Time- Daft Punk
  4. Calabria 2007 Club Mix - Enur
  5. The Rockafeller Skank- Fatboy Slim
  6. London Bridge- Fergie
  7. Me & My Uncle (fast version)- Grateful Dead
  8. Rock and Roll- Led Zeppelin
  9. Nobody's Fault But Mine- Led Zeppelin
  10. Four Sticks- Led Zeppelin
  11. Immigrant Song- Led Zeppelin
  12. Stay- Dave Matthews Band
  13. Get Busy- Sean Paul
  14. We Be Burnin'- Sean Paul
  15. Temperature- Sean Paul
  16. Young Folks- Peter Bjorn and John
  17. Bulls on Parade- Rage Against the Machine
  18. Renegades of Funk- Rage Against the Machine
  19. Jessica- The Allman Brothers
  20. SexyBack- Justin Timberlake


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

great to know...also i LOVE your playlist and i'm downloading a bunch of these songs as we speak for my running mix :)

{Amanda} said...

that's great news! glad i was able to pass on some good running songs =) at some point these will probably get old to me so feel free to share your faves too.

TDavis said...

great songs...will steal some for my own.

i hate crocs as well (referring to previous post) unless they are on small children; then they are adorable for some reason.

the much are we talking here? i'm on a budget.

{Amanda} said...

$30 bucks for the chips for the shoe & the one for your iPod HOWEVER the real catch is that you need Nike shoes (yeah, this is where they get you) i already had the shoes, but just needed the chip so i broke down and bought 'em.