Friday, September 12, 2008

Cream Colored Ponies And Crisp Apple Streudels...

These are a few of my favorite things:

1. Chocolate Malts: growing up, it was always a special treat when Dadder broke out the blender and whipped up shakes and malts for the family. Malts are the reason I bought the blender =)
2. Re-learning Old Tricks: while I'm re-learning how to sew, I bought fabric for my kitchen curtains almost 1 year ago. These fresh and simple tab valances (Southern Living image) would be a great fit for my kitchen.

3. Army Wives: yep, I got hooked on this Lifetime show.

4. Meeting New Good-People: I like meeting new people in general, but it's always a special treat to meet new, Good know the kind of people that warm your soul when you get a chance to really sit down and talk with them.

5. Cool Whip: or a few strawberries to season my Cool Whip...yeah, I could eat that stuff straight. Oh and this is out of the container if you couldn't tell.

6. Girl's Night Out: it's a requisite event that seems to occur less and less as I grow older. This weekend it's time for a couple of nights on the Hotlanta!

7. Pretty bohemian fabrics: Amy Butler Design's Full Bloom & Heather Bailey's Freshcut


Savvy Mode SG said...

yeah, i have less and less girls night out too.... i still travel with gal pal at least once a year on a big vacation.

{Amanda} said...

good for you! it'd be great to have that annual tradition =)