Saturday, September 6, 2008

So Crafty...

I finally completed this particular project (with another one in the works).

These are covered-button thumbtacks inserted into little corkboards for gift don't really do them justice as they're much cuter in person. I'd filed the blog as a "future craft" a while ago and then had recently seen this resurface on blogs I've visited so it prompted me to actually try this out myself. Here's instructions for the covered-button thumbtacks.

And as an added word of advice for the "local gals", I paid $2.59 per button pkg at Hobby Lobby and then later found out they're only $1.30 per button pkg at WalMart. Lesson learned. And while you're there, check out the Martha Stewart craft collection. It almost rivals the Michael's selection.
This first one was designed for a friend who is the biggest Obama supporter I know. I found this preppy pink and green logo Online and designed correspondence notecards and envelopes (she will get the biggest kick out of this). To coordinate, her tacks and board are in bright pink and green fabrics.
First, I have to insert a ROLL TIDE first before I explain that the blue and orange board is for Dear Friend; she bleeds these colors. She's Auburn's #1 fan! She'll be staying at my house tonight and is just such a great friend, I thought this would be an unexpected Happy Happy.
These 2 are also pink and green, covered in my vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabrics. I'm a huge Lilly fan, and although I'm tempted to keep these for myself, they'd make great gifts to give. They were my first attempts at button-covering; I learned that the 3/4" buttons are probably the best size to go with. The Lilly fabrics show the greatest detail as her prints are pink, pretty, and intricate. Anyone know where to find some cheap vintage Liberty print remnants? The tiny detailing would make for great tacks!


Erin said...

Adorable! I found a really great Lilly dress on clearance for $40 at TJ Maxx last week, but it was too big. I guess it's a better problem than it being too small, though.

I made cover buttons for my headboard today. I'll post pictures once I get it all finished.

::The Grizzles:: said...

I keep getting on here with intentions to comment and then something else comes up. Anyway, I LOVE these. So cute! You did a great job, I would buy these in a store!

{Amanda} said...

seriously? a lilly for $40! sounds funny, but it actually might even be worth it for the designer fabric alone. it's sooooo expensive.

thanks jamie- they were really fun to make and now i'm such a nerd about crafts =)