Thursday, November 13, 2008

Copping A Feel

Last Saturday I finally gave in and used a spa gift certificate that I received as a Christmas gift...last year. Thank goodness I'd saved it though as I was having some back pains and the relief of a 60 minute massage was readily welcomed.

But I hesitate in sharing this next part because overall it wasn't really that bad, but here it goes:

Being a prenatal massage, this particular spa had me laying on my side with my back as close to the edge as possible. Halfway through, I switched sides to have my other half massaged. At one particular point, the masseur (male masseur that is) began rubbing my belly, he inched his hands up...right up to under my boob. I daresay he definitely circled from my hipbone, up around the bellybutton and then finished off touching the bottom part of my breast in this motion.
Whew- I feel like I'm writing a harlequin novel!

This whole time, the running joke inside my head was, "Oh Mason, I'm so sorry that you and Mommy are getting violated!"

It wasn't a horrible experience, but the closest I've ever had a masseuse/masseur touch my boobs was just around my clavicle and it wasn't even that close. This guy definitely kept touching the bottom of my boobs. And I know they've grown large, but it was a bit unnerving as they're still my boobs and I didn't want a stranger- man or woman to touch them!
I definitely could have said something and he would have stopped, but I thought that it might make things a little tense and could ruin the rest of the massage- I typically make it a point to try and not talk to the masseuse/masseur while they work their magic. Oh well, just thought I'd share.

Maybe it's TMI! =)

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