Monday, November 10, 2008

Sweaty in Style

Yesterday I felt fabulous sporting a Lauri dress I bought on Saturday from Soca Clothing, it was a peacock blue jersey dress with long billowy sleeves, a romantic scoopneck, and the length was long enough to be a dress but could have also been worn with jeans. I paired it with brown opaque tights and high-heeled boots, topped off with a funky chunky pearl and gold chain chandelier necklace. I wish I'd taken a picture because I love that outfit.

Feelin' fashionable
Feelin' sassy
Feelin'...what sweaty underarms?!?!?!

I was MORTIFIED when I realized the absorbent jersey material wasn't very forgiving to my elevated pregnant temperature. The weird thing was I felt cold most of the day; I don't typically perspire (unless working out) and other than fragranced lotion and perfume, there was never a need for additional smell-good stuff to stick on my body...until I became pregnant. And now I sometimes forget (another pregnancy symptom) to put on anti-perspirant deodorant.

photo via DailyMail

XOXO Signed,
Sweaty in Style


Emily said...

haha that sucks! i absolutely hate when this happens, which is why i always stay away from gray tops/dresses in the summer.

jodie said...

haha you are too funny. wish i could see the outfit!
question... how do i become a "follower" on here?

{Amanda} said...

lesson learned! i wear anti-perspirant ALWAYS now =)

jodie, you have to do it from your "dashboard" (one of the first pages you get to, or the link will be @ the top); click on the tab for "Blogs I'm Following" and just add my address in there.