Sunday, November 9, 2008

Remembering Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been a very casual affair for our family- READ: shorts, t-shirts, and of course the littlest brother wearing a hat at the table...Emily Post would freak!

Dinner is served late in the afternoon, more like a "lupper" {lunch+supper}, and everyone convenes at the table as we inhale a feast of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and other assorted dishes.

Last year it was great to get all 7 (now 8...and soon be 10) of our scattered family together and like always, we celebrated with a ceremonial roundtable sharing of what we're thankful for, of how we feel blessed. It was great!
Thanksgiving 2007
This year, Pink Pimpette and my brother will be flying in for Thanksgiving. And while my family will be split across several states, I have the honor of Pink Pimpette's family joining us at my home =)

For 2007, Mom was in town to cook the turkey, dressing, side dishes....ohhhh okay I admit she did it ALL (well I did the sweet potato casserole), I'm taking the "Pot Luck" route this year and enlisting the help of Pink Pimpette's father. There's no need in stressing out. And this way I can concentrate on making things look pretty!

Last year, I had a simple brown and white theme: brown placemats and napkins with brown and white polka dot napkin ties, white Ironstone dishes, and then Arthur Court pieces were used for the serving platters. With a large family, food has always been the centerpiece as it's often difficult enough to maneuver elbows, large platters, and all the assorted dishware without adding candles and other decorations. Although I think this year I might add some sort of decorative flair...away from the hubbabaloo of the feast (perhaps on the buffet).
I love this centerpiece idea:

photo via Domino

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