Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fire in the Oven

Did you know when a recipe calls for parchment paper that it doesn't mean "wax paper"?

I discovered that this morning as I diligently preparing baked goods prior to the big schabang this Thursday. Yes, wax paper can burn at 400 degrees...and while there are some Google searches that said I could substitute the two, clearly this was not a good idea.

Now my house has a hazy hue throughout and smells like burnt paper and melted wax. On another note, I'm hoping this Baked Brie Food Network recipe turns out well and my Muirhead Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie smells duh-lish!Two down, eight more to go. Oh and I've added spiced mulled cider to the list. I forgot I have mulling spices and the fancy schmancy spice strainer ball to go with =)

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