Monday, January 5, 2009

Sippin' Reminiscin' on Days When I Had a Mustang

Well, I finally took the plunge and traded-in my Mustang for a more family-friendly car.

I've had lots of memories with that little red sportscar. It amazes me how much one can grow attached to an automobile; it is an inanimate object afterall. But there was something about the fact that it was the first car that I purchased on my own, as a symbol of my independence it also represented an iconic all-American classic lifestyle for the single and carefree young professional I was becoming...4 1/2 years ago. *sigh*

But all is not lost... I now have a wonderfully safe and well-made vehicle chock full of nice, useful amenities. And it's not totally a "mommy van" (not that there's anything wrong with those). I had a bit of a hang-up regarding vans though so I prefered to go with a small SUV--- did I mention that I started off driving a Ford Econoline van (8-passengers with plenty of extra room!) when I turned 16? Then I was "upgraded" to the Dodge Caravan which I drove my freshman year of college. I've sworn off the vans while I can help it...

The closest this car gets to being "Mommy" is the DVD entertainment system? I won't get to enjoy it for a while, but hopefully it'll be nice for the Baby once he's old enough to turn around.

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