Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tagging Along

I'm such a procrastinator. I've been tagged a few times and have not been good at responding in kind. My apologies y'all!

So since I've neglected to play tag, I'm posting the last 3 surveys received and I'm tagging James, Betty, Urn, Sylvia & Allison so they can pick their favorite of the 3 below to pass along.

Oh and I think you all deserve a Fabulous Blog Award!

May 2008

(tagged by Jamie)

Maybe I should... open a Cupcake Shop.
I love the smell of... mulled cider.
People would say that I... am demonstrative.
I don’t understand why... God keeps on blessing me, especially when I don't deserve a bit of it.
When I wake up in the morning... Mason's usually kicking me. Ugggghhh, I'm not a morning person and this baby is!
I lost my will power to... eat healthily; darn those cupcakes and Malley's Bordeaux toffees!
Life is wonderful with... a loving family, faithful friends, a supportive church community, and the Baby on the way!
My past made me... who I am today and will help shape decisions I make tomorrow.
I get annoyed when... the small woodland creature (aka Mr. Squirrel) crawls into the small space between my deck and house and his burrowing is amplified by the unique acoustics of the add-on.
Parties are not... always reasons to get drunk, although I believe a lot of people think so.
Dogs are... fun, loyal pets.
Cats are… snooty.
Tomorrow I am going to… be more productive and make it into the gym.
I'm totally terrified of... Mason being ugly/disabled/unaccepted/unhealthy; I suppose natural fears that mothers have with their unborn children.
I wonder why I thought my life would be... set out in a particular traditional progression; especially since nothing about my life has ever been traditional.
Never in my life... did I think I'd be a single mom.
High school was something that... I'm glad is a chapter closed long ago. I definitely identified with Mean Girls.
When I'm nervous... I usually do my best; there's something about performing well under pressure.
Take my advice... trust in God to be God.
Making my bed is… something I used to do every morning, but lately it's once a week.
I'm almost always... late. This is a habit I've really tried to improve, but is mroe difficult since my watch doesn't fit.
I want someone… who is the right person, a godly man who will love me and Mason deeply, and be someone we fall in love with too.


October 2008

7 Random Things About Me (tagged by Erin)

  1. I've never had a cavity...
  2. ...but my eyesight is horrible.
  3. After Buckeye Belle graciously joined me at a Childbirthing Class this past weekend, we both stepped out during the labor video...who wants to hear a pregger crying out in labor, especially when it's imminent for me!
  4. I especially don't like snails and slugs. Ewwwicky!
  5. I rarely have to shave my legs (as in maybe once a quarter), because it's not that noticeable.
  6. I can fall asleep sitting up and even in a room full of people talking.
  7. I talk in my sleep.


January 2009

Five Things I'm Addicted To (tagged by Haley)

  1. Malley's Bordeaux Toffee
  2. Sewing & Crafts- I think it's a nesting trait
  3. Taste of Thailand's Panang Curry Chicken- that sauce is like crack-cocaine
  4. Sleep- I didn't complain too much when my Dr. told me I should rest more
  5. Planning and Getting Things Ready for MASON TINSLEY!

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